10 Aug‘18

Sunset Meditation

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Friday 10 August 2018 from 6.30pm to 7.30pm

Sunset is the best time to meditate. Due to the sun’s positioning at the earth’s horizon, sunset creates one of the strongest solar energy illumination. In each session, we will be connecting with the sun; draw upon the light source of all life to purify, align and nurture us with its warmth, love and positivity.

We will start the session with sun purification, releasing all of the negativity that we have accumulated over the week in our life. Our body work in synchronicity with the earth cycle. As we move from day to night, the earth changes its energy from yang to yin. And so do our body.

Most of the time, our body’s energy field becoming disharmonised from the demands of modern society, causing us to feel stressed, emotionally down or even anxious. This meditation can help you to discharge, relax your body and prepare your body to embrace the yin energy of the night, restoring our body’s natural biology cycle, bringing us into the state of harmony and peace.

Sunset meditation helps to rejuvenate us so we can shine brightly just like the sun.

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The Golden Space Singapore