03 Jun‘19 - 22 Sep‘19

Scentsational Orchids at Gardens By The Bay!

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Citrus, coconut and aromatic spices – these are not words one would typically associate with orchids. After all, orchids are appreciated more for their beautiful blooms and less so for their scents. With the new Scentsational Orchids display in Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay hopes to put the spotlight on a special, albeit small group of orchids that have developed a variety of smells to attract pollinators.

The interactive display features close to 1,500 orchids of more than 58 species and varieties, categorised into four scented groups – Delicate Floral, Sweet Floral, Spicy Floral, and Intense Floral. Visitors can take in the different scents by getting up-close with the orchids on display. There are also five Fragrance Boxes housing orchids with scented notes like pepper, tom yum, and bubble gum (scents may vary as the orchids in the Fragrance Boxes are refreshed periodically).

Highlights of the display include Maxillaria tenuifolia, commonly known as the Coconut Orchid as its fragrance resembles that of the tropical fruit; Rhynchonopsis Selina Kuok ‘Perfume Queen’, which brings to mind a spicy mix of cloves, cinnamon and mint; and Rhyncholaeliocattleya Duh’s Wisdom ‘Dreamy Star, which gives off a deep citrusy scent throughout the day.

Scentsational Orchids runs till 22 September in the Cloud Forest conservatory at Gardens by the Bay.

Image courtesy of Gardens by the Bay

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