13 Sep‘18

Salted & HAN, A Lap Cheong Takeover (featuring 1 Michelin-starred chef Han Li Guang)

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For one night only, 2 mates, executive chef Drew Nocente and 1 Michelin-starred chef Han Li Guang, come together to mix it up in the kitchen at Salted & Hung. Chef Han Li Guang will be serving up Singaporean inspired classics with a ‘Salted & Hung’ twist, emphasising on the use of Lap Cheong, a type of waxes sausage commonly used in many local recipes in Singapore. All dishes will champion familiar local flavours with elements of curing, smoking, fermenting and grilling – all techniques that Salted & Hung are recognised for.

The seven-course menu starts with a selection of charcuterie, featuring the headlining lap-cheong and Chinese ham. The waxed sausage is made with minced Indonesian pork loin, shoulder and back, seasoned with a combination of chef Han’s homemade oyster sauce and five spice powder, aged Shaoxing rice wine, curing salt and rock sugar. It is then piped into sausage casings and dried for three weeks..

Both chefs have their way with pig’s ears: chef Drew’s take on the offcut with a terrine and chef Han’s with salted egg yolk sauce, fried till crispy. The next course sees chef Han’s rendition of the carrot cake, a local hawker favourite, featuring lap-cheong as one of the main components and dressed with chef Drew’s fermented prawn butter and prawn floss. After, chunks of eggplant are smoked in Salted & Hung’s Josper oven and served with taramasalata made from preserved barramundi roe.

The menu culminates in the mains, combining the creativity of both chefs. Inspired by the sambal stingray, fresh turbot is simply smoked and accompanied with the spicy punches of homemade sambal. Next, Wagyu tri-tip, a mainstay at Salted & Hung’s menu is grilled by the fire and served with charred rice vermicelli and black bean sauce. The takeover comes full circle with lap-cheong – this time, in ice cream, with waffles reminiscent of those found in heartland bakeries.

Event Price

$118++ per pax

Event Location

Salted & Hung
12 Purvis St, Singapore 188591