23 Nov‘19

Pegasus International Preschool Open House: Littlefingers Bakery

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Saturday 23 November
10am – 1pm

It is never too late or too early, to get your kids helping in the kitchen. Although it requires time, patience, and some extra clean-up, especially when the children are younger, the benefits of cooking with kids are totally worth it.

Pegasus International Preschool are inviting you and your child for a baking session as part of their Open House. Design a cookie box and create a recipe book while awaiting the cookie to get baked. Register your participation and embark on a valuable and concrete learning journey with your child!

Their inquiry-based curriculum has been chosen over the traditional rote learning strategy, and their style of teaching gives children the power to question, observe, explore and understand their subject matter. Find out how your little one can learn and use these skills during the baking session!

Image courtesy of Pegasus International Preschool

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72 Keng Lee Road, Level 2 & 4, Singapore 219248