25 May‘19 - 13 Jul‘19

MindChamps PreSchool Welcome Day

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Happening at 39 centres islandwide!

MindChamps PreSchool is The No.1 Choice among Singapore parents for 5 consecutive years!

Want to know what is the MindChamps difference? Here are 5 key reasons why MindChamps PreSchool is the preferred choice of mamas and dads.

  1. Developed by early childhood experts – MindChamps PreSchool’s proprietary pedagogy and curriculum is designed to nurture skills in children essential for the 21st century.

Synthesises over 20 years of research in the four domains of neuroscience, psychology, education and theatre, and integrating the 3-Mind education model.

  1. Curriculum for all-rounded development – S.M.I.L.E.S.(TM)

Provides preschoolers with experiences that engage all of the S.M.I.L.E.S. elements (consisting of the Sensory, Motor (Music and Movement), Intellectual, Linguistic, Emotional and Social aspects of development).

  1. A team of qualified teachers

At MindChamps PreSchool, all teachers are required to undergo up to 200 hours of on-going professional training and accreditation, regardless of their prior qualifications and experience.

MindChamps’ enquiry teaching and learning approach focuses on exploring a subject or topic that is of interest to the children. They will be guided to find out all there is to know about the topic and use evidence-based reasoning and creative problem-solving to reach a conclusion.

  1. Discovering the love of reading

MindChamps Reading & Writing programme is designed to develop a love of reading in children and instil a Champion Mindset for confidence by cultivating essential reading skills such as narrative intelligence, phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary-building, structural awareness and more.

Apart from the in-class literacy activities, one of the key highlights is the collection of e-Books which feature stories that include elements such as a catchy song, an interactive reading and listening experience, and a collection of integrated phonics activities.

The best way to learn more about MindChamps PreSchool is to sign up for Welcome Days. During the Welcome Days, not only would you be able to view a centre of your choice but also witness how MindChamps teachers conduct their lessons and interact with the preschoolers. You will also have the opportunity to speak with the principal and teachers one-to-one and to discuss your child’s needs.

Welcome Day Promotion

  • $2,500 cash savings
  • Free starter kit worth $107 (consists of 1 set of school uniform, PE kit, jacket and bedding bag)

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