03 - 05 May‘19

Live Brave Women’s Weekend Asia with Margie Warrell

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Margie Warrell’s Live Brave Women’s Weekend Asia is a one-of-its-kind, fully immersive and 2-day ‘live-in’ coaching program that gets to the heart of what holds women back from achieving their greatest potential. It is a transformational weekend that emboldens women to lead with greater clarity, confidence and courage.

Why should women empower themselves?

Hilary Clinton once said, “Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.” Yet women across the world are failing to voice workplace concerns and harbour self-doubt that sabotages their career performance.

This weekend addresses the ‘gender confidence gap’ that often holds women back. A study done at Cornell University found that men overestimate their abilities and performance, while women underestimate both. In fact, their actual performance does not differ in quality or quantity. Similarly, a Hewlett Packard internal report found that men apply for a job or promotion when they meet only 60% of the qualifications, but women apply only if they meet 100% of them. What doomed women was not their actual ability, but rather the decision not to try.

To create a better and more equitable world will require unleashing the full reservoir of female talent. This will take courage – emboldening women to rise above their fear, to rewrite their stories, and to reclaim their power as change-makers, beginning in their own lives and extending outward.

About Margie Warrell

Margie Warrell is a multi-hyphenated self-growth hacker: Bestselling Author, Founding CEO-Global Courage, Forbes Columnist, Master Coach (ICF), Speaker, and Women’s Leadership Advocate. Margie has nearly 20 years experience working with thousands of female executives around the world across diverse industries and professions.

Having left her comfort zone many times since growing up in rural Australia, the titles of her four books – Find Your Courage, Stop Playing Safe, Brave and Make Your Mark – and her Live Brave podcast, reflect her passion for empowering people to challenge what’s possible to lead bigger, braver and more purpose-driven lives.


After a short 30-minute ferry ride from Singapore, you’ll arrive at the stunning Montigo Resort. You’ll have some time to take a dip in the pool or whatever takes your fancy before we kick off the program. If you’re coming on your own, as many women will be, you’ll get the chance to meet the wonderful woman you’ll be sharing your beautiful villa with. The women who’ve attended previous weekends will attest to the special bonds they’ve made.

Opening session: At 4.00pm we will gather together to kick off the weekend and help you crystallize your highest intention for the weekend and your life beyond it. It is vital that you have arrived by this time as this opening session sets the foundation for the rest of the weekend. (A glass of bubbles may be in order at the point!)

As you will experience right throughout the weekend, Margie will challenge you to both ‘think bigger’ about yourself and encourage you to challenge some of the assumptions, labels, rules and ‘shoulds’ that may be holding you back and perpetuating some of the challenges you’ve been dealing with. You’ll also receive your Live Brave keepsake journal to use that you can return back to for inspiration in the years to come.

Dinner: Around 6.00pm, we will head off for a delicious seafood BBQ dinner in a gorgeous tropical setting. Prepare for plenty of laughter and lots of real, big thinking and brave hearted conversations with fabulous women like yourself.

Wake up your body: For those who are keen, we will be starting the day with a light yoga session at 7.00am. For the rest, you can take a walk or have a swim before breakfast or just get some extra sleep!

Breakfast: Montigo’s award-winning buffet breakfast will be open from 7.30am onwards. The barista will be on hand for any coffee lovers (a must-have for Margie!). Over breakfast you’ll enjoy connecting with other women, learning their story and sharing your own. You’ll find alot in common!

Morning session, Let’s begin… with taking stock!: We’ll kick off our morning session at 8.30am with a Life Audit to help you get really clear about what’s working and more so, what’s not (or could definitely be working better!). In the process, you’ll identify your blind spots and create your own definition of success for the year ahead.

Morning tea: After morning tea, we will move on to focus on your ‘stories’ – how your stories have shaped your life to now and how you can rewrite those which are limiting your future. This session can lead to some very powerful breakthrough moments as you ‘try on’ new stories which open up a vast new array of possibilities for you in every area of your work and life, particularly those which aren’t as you’d like.

Lunch: Our lunch break will provide a time to digest not just healthy food, but the many insights you’ve gained over the morning while sharing your ah-ha moments with those around you. Great conversations happen over food… expect plenty of them!

Saturday afternoon… time to reset your compass!: Time to take a ‘deep dive’ into what really matters most to you, uncovering your big ‘Why’ and reconnecting to what brings you a deep sense of purpose and ignites your passion.

In a deeply transformative exercise, you will be guided to connect with the highest vision for your life – your unique True North – and to confront the fears that may be getting in the way of you stepping toward your boldest ambitions.

If part of what motivated you to attend the weekend is a lack of confidence in your ability to make changes or pursue big goals, this afternoon session will help you reclaim the power that you’ve unintentionally given away to your fears, doubts and that critical little voice in your head!

You time… Somewhere between 4.00 and 4.30pm, we’ll wrap up the formal part of the day to give you a little time to rest, reflect and recharge. This is your chill time before dressing up for evening soiree!

Ladies Night Out!: Saturday evening is about celebrating yourself and the power of the sisterhood! So pack your favorite dress or outfit – whatever makes you feel feminine, fearless and fabulous. We’ll meet for a glass of bubbles by the pool before another delicious dinner and fun evening of simply celebrating who we are! (Because most women don’t do that nearly enough!).

Sunday may be a rest day, but not this weekend! Join the earlier risers for another yoga session to wake up your body.

Breakfast will again begin at 7.30am and before we convene at 8.30am.

Morning… braving real conversations: This morning’s session will focus on relationships. More specifically, how you can better deal with the issues that weight your relationships down – personal and professional and build stronger, more authentic and immeasurably more rewarding relationships that bring out your best. This session is very powerful. Tissues will be on hand.

Morning tea then Living by design, not default… getting started!: It’s time to put pen to paper and map out your plan of action (creating your Live Brave Goal Plan!) This is your blueprint… your road map to step boldly into action and deal with all of the forces that have kept you from taking action up to now. You’ll enlist support, clarify next steps and create accountability to keep you moving forward on the days when things don’t go to plan (they’re inevitable!)

Lunch: Lunch isn’t just lunch. It will be more brave hearted conversations (with a lot of laughter) about things that matter. Friendships will be cemented. Ideas shared. Dreams expanded. Commitments declared. Excitement reinforced. Just wait and see!

Afternoon… set yourself up for success: If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you always go. So we will close out the weekend with a powerful session on how to practice and habituate the ‘rituals’ needed for you to bring your best self to your biggest challenges – particularly when the going gets tough! This session will teach you how to ‘disrupt your default’ and change those habits of thought and behaviour which have sabotaged your success and stifled your potential. Until now!

Drawing on mindfulness, performance and positive psychology, you will learn evidence-based strategies to create transformational change at the deepest level – in your work/career/leadership, family/marriage, relationships, health/wellbeing, finances, life – so you can build the resilience and stay on course over the long haul…. less the stress and struggle.

Homeward bound… your future is waiting!: We will wrap up around 3.30pm – in time for you to catch the 4.30pm ferry back to Singapore… unless of course, you’d like to stay on a few more days. Not a bad idea if you can swing it! Either way, you will leave recharged and ready for your re-entry back to life.

But it won’t be the same. Because you won’t be the same (not quite). You’ll be stronger, and wiser, and braver. You’ll also be a whole lot clearer about the woman/leader/change-maker you want to be in the world, the mark you most want to make, and how you can ‘train the brave’ to make it your reality. Margie will see to it!

Event Price

EARLY BIRD STANDARD (Private Bedroom and Ensuite Bathroom)
EARLY BIRD PRIVATE (Private Standalone Villa)

Event Location

Montigo Resorts
Batam, Indonesia