10 - 19 Jan‘20

Light to Night Festival

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As part of Singapore Art Week, ACM will be illuminating the Civic District with a splash of colour and creativity this Light to Night Festival 2020. Themed Invisible Cities, the Festival draws inspiration from the postmodern literature by Italian writer Italo Calvino, where Marco Polo describes a series of wondrous, surreal cities with an interplay of reality and imagination. Let loose with your little ones and enjoy ephemeral performances, craft activities, and interactive artworks at the Festival.

Watch hidden messages reveal themselves on a melting mirror at night, before recreating faraway places and your dream city using ideograms, pens and ink. Helmed by local art collective Vertical Submarine, the activities use shadows and ink to blur the lines between dreams, memories and reality. Make your own Chinese hanging scroll artwork at Scholarly Treasures, and find joy in Chinese Ink at the Living With Ink: The Collection of Dr Tan Tsze Chor exhibition at a discounted price (on select days only).

Charm the little ones with Art Skins on Monuments – the long-time crowd-favourite is back again on ACM’s façade with Mythopolis: Knots of Knowing. Turn yourself into a work of art with UV body marbling and watch the swirl of colours come to life under black light at night. Continue the magic at the ACM Shaw Foyer with Tan Sock Fong’s sand art as she expertly reveals the wonders of a dream city.

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