01 - 10 Mar‘19

“Leaving Impressions”: Family Art Exhibition at Botanical Gardens

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Designer Scott Lambert’s exhibition “Leaving Impressions” launches at The Singapore Botanical Gardens. The exhibition, which showcases the artist’s latest collection of prints, will be on display in various outdoor locations throughout the Gardens, from 18th January till 3rd March 2019.

The collection was inspired by the appearance of a two-meter-long palm leaf in the designer’s garden, dragged there out of curiosity by his daughter because it “looked ginormously cool.”

It led the artist to reappraise the silhouettes and textures of foliage present in nature in his home city. The resulting collection of prints celebrates the diversity and beauty in nature which we are surrounded by in Singapore. Each piece is inspired from nature, and completely unique, reminding us that time spent in a park, garden or wildlife leaves a lasting imprint on our imaginations.

Lambert, a father of three and an award-winning designer at WPP agency Superunion, is all too aware of the challenge of minimizing screen time and spending more time outdoors, both for himself and his children.

In a unique approach, the exhibition will be displayed throughout the Botanical Gardens, allowing people to view the collection outdoors.

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Singapore Botanic Gardens
1 Cluny Rd, Singapore 259569