17 - 24 Nov‘18

Dreamseeds Arts Fest 2018 – Me, Myself & You

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Time: 10am – 9pm

This year, the week-long multi-experiential event which showcases the artistic achievements of Club Rainbow (Singapore)’s beneficiaries puts the spotlight on the theme ‘Me, Myself & You’.

‘Me, Myself & You’ leads the beneficiaries; aged between 5 and 20, on a journey of self-discovery where they delve deeper to discover what makes them human and in the process, learn to embrace their quirks. While this theme emphasises the uniqueness of ‘self’, it also explores the notion that one is not so different from the other after all. ‘Me, Myself & You’ aims to aspire hope in the beneficiaries with chronic illnesses as they often feel different from everyone given the challenges they face in their daily lives.

Through a curated year-long immersion programme of visual and performing arts workshops and mentorship sessions with professionals, ranging from musicians to artists, the beneficiaries have forged experiences, friendships, and are geared up to present a fulfilling and meaningful arts festival. They will be sharing their stories and colourful personalities through various art forms which will be presented at the event. This year, you can look forward to a visual arts exhibition, performing arts concert, as well as range of creative workshops, mini arts market and F&B stalls.

In preparation for Dreamseeds Arts Fest, beneficiaries have been undergoing their chosen training programmes in a wide range of visual and performing art forms such as painting, digital drawing, photography and music among others.

Key Events & Fringe Activities
Arts Exhibition
17 Nov (Launch event): 4 –9pm
18 – 24 Nov: 10am – 8pm

An insight into the beneficiaries’ inner worlds, the visual arts exhibition presents heartfelt interpretations of how they see themselves in relation to others. Besides a collection of beneficiary artworks in the following mediums: Canvas paintings, Linocut, Acrylic, Photography, Digital Art, Brushlettering and Patchwork Tapestry, the exhibition also features collaborative large-scale feature pieces by beneficiaries under the tutelage and creative direction of a studio or artist.

Arts Market
17 Nov (Launch event): 4pm – 9pm
24 Nov: 10am – 3pm

Help support the beneficiaries’ artistic pursuits and purchase a meaningful keepsake at this arts market where a range of merchandise featuring artworks by beneficiaries will be available; this includes tote bags, post cards, tumblers, notebooks and calendars among others. Represented artists front the booths themselves and all profits go directly to them.

Performing Arts Concert
17 Nov (Launch event): 7 – 8.30pm

Soak up the vibes at this high-energy concert that brings beneficiaries and their industry mentors together in joint band performances. Earlier in the year, beneficiaries with a strong background and interest in music have been grouped into bands to learn the nuances of group playing, and other technical know-how under the guidance of these professional musicians.

Experiential Booths and Creative Workshops
17 Nov (Launch event): 4 – 7pm
19, 21, 22, 23 Nov: 1pm – 4pm

Explore your creativity together with Club Rainbow (Singapore)’s beneficiaries and participate in complimentary craft-based workshops and programmes on select days during the festival duration. The range of workshops include silkscreen printing, block printing, paper marbling and keychain making.

For more background on Club Rainbow and why it’s such a wonderful charity for families to support, click here!

Event Price

Free admission!

Event Location

Aliwal Arts Centre
28 Aliwal St, Singapore 199918