22 Sep‘19

Book Launch: Awakening by Natasha Oliver

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Sunday 22 September
2 – 4pm

Awakening is the first book in a Young Adult Fiction trilogy titled The Evolved Ones. This exciting urban fantasy series is set in a world where human evolution has resulted in some individuals developing special abilities which others would do anything to replicate. The story follows a strong female lead protagonist, Rox, who confronts issues of identity, acceptance, and searches for belonging in a fast-paced, action-packed adventure to discover her own identity.

Author Natasha Oliver is part of the Singapore Writer’s Group. She has an MA in Creative Writing at Goddard College and a B.Sc. Marketing from Lehigh University. Born in South Carolina, USA, she has lived and worked in Japan, Singapore and throughout Southeast Asia. Natasha has published several short stories and articles, and is also a professional ghostwriter and editor.

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Central Public Library
100 Victoria Street, Singapore