17 Aug‘19

Birds & Bees Workshop: Starting Open Conversations About Sex, Consent and Relationships at Home

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Saturday 17 August, 10am – 1pm

How do you talk to your children about sex? It’s a topic that many parents are happy to put off discussing for as long as possible. But what are the consequences of making home an environment where talks about physical intimacy are off-limits?

Birds & Bees is an experiential workshop for parents, run by parents, to help you start and sustain the important conversation about sex – in a non-judgmental way. No matter where you are in your parenting journey, this workshop will allow you to:

~ Understand the lasting, positive impact of talking to your children about sex and relationships
~ Introduce crucial information about consent, personal boundaries, and safety to your children
~ Talk openly about the difference between respectful, healthy relationships, and abusive, unhealthy relationships
~ Improve your communication with children on difficult or uncomfortable topics
~ Create a home where your children are not afraid of approaching you if they have questions or are troubled about a relationship or sexual encounter.

Through case studies, role-play and facilitated discussions, the workshop will give you a chance to think more deeply about your values and sexual health knowledge, and improve communication with your children. All parents are welcome, though the issues dealt with will be most relevant to parents of teenage children (12-18 year olds).

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AWARE Centre
5 Dover Crescent #01-22 Singapore 130005