17 - 31 Oct‘18

The Backstreet Bengs: 6-hands Collaboration at Amoy Street

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Dates: 17 & 31 October 2018
Time: 7pm onwards

Three restaurants, three chefs, one street and one fabulous dinner, chef Jeremmy Chiam of Le Binchotan, chef Eugene See of Birds of A Feather, and chef Miller Mai of Ding Dong will work together to present a six-hands event like no other. Come dine with the Backstreet Bengs!

Available only for dinner for 2 nights, this is a mini food journey that brings guests to dine at all three restaurants.

Each restaurant will present two courses, each quite different from the other – one, the restaurant’s signature item; and the second, a special item created exclusively for the event. These two courses will be linked thematically to the serving restaurant. The event specials will be further linked by an overarching motif – the heritage of Amoy Street, Chinatown; and how it resonates with the chefs’ own heritage.

Chinatown including Amoy Street itself was part of Sir Stamford Raffles’ plan as far back as 1822. Developed in the 1830s, Amoy Street is rich in history: conveniently located near the shore, the large number of seafarers and the rare trade items their ships brought turned Amoy Street and its arterial roads into a bustling community with shops, little food and drink stalls, temples, a school and even a mosque.

The influences from Chinatown and the large Chinese population that spilled over can be seen to this day, a legacy that the chefs – faced with concrete reminders everyday – can’t help but respect. With this event, chef Eugene, chef Miller and chef Jeremmy take the opportunity to pay homage to the colourful dynamism of the ever-evolving neighbourhood.

What’s on the menu?
The menu was planned in tandem, while carefully maintaining their individual culinary identities, to offer a six-course meal that offers satisfaction in every aspect: complementary yet distinct flavours, visually appealing, and stick-to-the ribs filling.

Each event exclusive will be presented alongside a signature item, showcasing each chef’s creativity in different ways.

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Event Price

$90++ per pax

Event Location

Le Binchotan, Birds of a Feather & Ding Dong
115 Amoy Street #01-04 Singapore 069935