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Sync Korean Tapas Bar

12 Maju Avenue, Serangoon Gardens, Singapore 556690
Tel: (+65) 6282 0612

If you’ve been looking for Korean cuisine around the island, chances are you’ve mostly found restaurants that offer self-cooking BBQ and grilling options, lightly peppered with kimchi and the quintessential bulgogi and bibimbap on the side. But imagine small plates of Korean goodness, some authentic and some with a modern, fusion twist. With the tapas-craze that has taken over Singapore, it’s really no secret why small bites (and a large variety of them) with quality tipples is now the recipe for a relaxing evening. But, if you thought that tapas was something that only the Spanish could perfect, think again – because the first ever Korean Tapas Bar in Singapore is here. And it’s here to stay. Welcome to Sync Korean Tapas Bar. Featuring a wide array of Korean-inspired tapas and cocktails, this new kid on the Serangoon Gardens block is perfect for after-work happy hour or a leisurely family meal on the weekends (it’s also the ideal lunch spot for mamas with kids nearby at Australian International School or Stamford American International School).