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Amamoto Café

1 Raffles Place, B1-39, Singapore 048616

Amamoto Café is a take-away counter (not technically a dine-in café) that reinvents the 1500-year-old Japanese culture of drinking the Amazake, or ‘sweet wine’. This healthy number is an alcohol-free drink made from fermented rice, using special koji mould which results in a glass brimming with enzymes, essential amino-acids, oligosaccharides, vitamins and minerals. Purists can stick with the Original Amazake ($4.80) but the kiosk spikes everything with Amazake from Cold-Pressed Fruit Drinks (like Blueberry, Orange or Mango – all $5.80) to Cold-Pressed Vegetable Drinks like Kiwi & Mustard Spinach ($6.80) to food: Mango Amamoto Chia Seed Parfait ($5.80) and Salads dressed with Yuzu or Sesame Amazake (from $9.80) topped with meat also marinated in Amazake.

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