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Dessert Nirvana at Density, Singapore’s First Frozen Custard Shop

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As I’ve mentioned once before, I’m a New Englander through and through when it comes to my culinary preferences. When we’re done eating our lobstah and clam chowdah, do you know what we go for? ICE CREAM. Despite having some of the coldest, most brutal winters in the United States, our region also leads the country in ice cream consumption. Let me introduce you to my fellow New Englanders Ben & Jerry, maybe you’ve heard of them?

Density Frozen Custard 1

This is all to say, I love my frozen desserts, and am often disappointed by the lack of flavours available in Singapore (not to mention it’s virtually impossible to find a good frappe – the New England version of a milkshake – usually it’s cup, cone or nothing). So I was quite intrigued to visit the newly-opened Density Frozen Custard. It’s run by a brother-sister team; big bro J.R. studied food science at university in the U.S., where he fell in love with frozen custard, a soft ice cream cousin particularly popular in the Midwest that’s lower in calories and sugar than ice cream or even frozen yogurt.

Density Frozen Custard 2

J.R. and his sister Sherlyn ended up taking a 6-month road trip around the U.S., visiting all the frozen custard stands and shops they could find, determined to bring the magic back to Singapore. Density (so named because the simple ingredients of eggs, milk and cream create a smooth, rich consistency with lower levels of air) occupies a cute little shophouse off Selegie Road, and sources high-quality ingredients, like milk from Wisconsin cows and vanilla beans from farmers in Madagascar.

density frozen custard 3

Each day the frozen custard is churned fresh on-site, with a revolving slate of three inventive flavours that changes daily (to my great relief, there is always a chocolaty option). The day I visited I sampled Nutella, Popcorn and Pumpkin Pie (all were delicious). I’m intrigued by other recent choices like Gingerbread, Black Forest, S’Mores and Strawberry Shortcake, while the siblings have also tried to cater to a local crowd with flavours like Matcha Green Tea, Red Bean, Black Sesame and Sweet Corn.

density frozen custard 4

Best of all, Density offers milkshakes! They even serve “Concretes” (sort of like a McFlurry or Dairy Queen Blizzard, only way better), where your choice of toppings are mixed in to create a soft confection you can almost slurp up with a straw.

So if the kiddos have behaved themselves (or you deserve a solo reward), be sure to stop by Density, mama. Dessert lovers will not be disappointed.

Flavours change daily; check Density’s Facebook page for updates

Density Frozen Custard, 4 Short Street, Singapore 188212, Tel: (+65) 6268 7918.
Opening hours: Tue-Sun, 12pm-midnight.

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