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Costumes for Kids: Top 10 Etsy Picks

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Thinking about where to get the perfect Halloween costumes for kids? Look no further, mama: we’ve scoured the globe (and Singapore) for the best of the best!

With Halloween just two and a half weeks away now, mama, it’s time to start thinking about Halloween costumes for kids – particularly if you want to avoid having either the same off-the-shelf Elsa dress as every other little girl in Singapore, or scrambling for the picked-over dregs at the supermarket or Spotlight when you’ve left things to the last minute!

We’ve rounded up our favourite costume shops in Singapore below, but also wanted to inject a dose of creativity with our Top 10 Etsy costume picks, in case you want something handmade or a bit more customised. All of these shops ship worldwide, and with more than two weeks to go that leaves you plenty of time to order (or get inspired to make something yourself). Stay spooky!


minion Collage

Minions: so hot right now. While this trend is fairly easy to pull together on your own, we love this lovingly crocheted baby outfit (how cute is that little cap), while the girl costume is 1) ideal for the warm Singapore climate and 2) accommodating to the little girl who absolutely insists on incorporating a tutu into every ensemble.

Baby Cupcake

baby cupcake

We know you could eat your baby right up no matter what they’re wearing, but those giant sprinkles are just irresistibly delicious!

Stylish Mermaid

Mermaid Collage

If you feel a little weird about putting your infant or toddler girl in a bikini top, this actually-quite-chic sequined skirt pairs nicely with any pink shirt, plus it’s got more room to move than your average tail situation.


Pirate Collage

We’re sure this one’s easy enough to find in Singapore, but particularly love the panache of those satin pantaloons in combination with the sequined sash. And the pirate wig/beard is as Etsy-riffic as you could get!

Personalised Superhero Cape

Superhero CollageSuperheros never go out of style, and with the rate Avengers movies are getting cranked out these days, we don’t see that trend abating anytime soon. But why be like Iron Man or Thor when your child is plenty special on their own? Bonus points for the matching wristbands, which remind us of Wonder Woman’s magical accessories!

Oompa Loompa

oompa loompaTrue, these guys totally creeped us out when we first saw Willy Wonka around age 5, but nowadays any chance we get to see a baby in overalls just leads to cuteness squeals. We also love that the costume is made to order so you don’t have to stress about sizing.

For Twins: Salt and Pepper Shaker

salt and pepper Collage

There are lots of cute options out there for double costumes (Dr. Seuss’s Thing 1 and Thing 2 seem to be a popular choice), but we love the stark simplicity and (recurring theme here) Singapore-climate-friendly materials of this one.


monkey costume

Is anyone else out there convinced their toddler is part ape (it’s the swinging from the curtains and climbing onto chairs that tipped us off)? If so, this one seems apt, and we love that it’s short-sleeved for maximum breathability.

Little Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood Collage

Not all costumes are created equal, and this gorgeous confection is exactly why you might choose to order off Etsy – what little girl wouldn’t love a costume made from satin and tulle? Plus take away the cape and you’ve got yourself a Heidi or Sound of Music costume in a pinch!


Unicorn collage

We love that this one’s made from breathable cotton and pairs easily with shorts. It’s also beautifully handmade – just keep kiddos away from chocolate bars until after the costume’s off and put away!

Lead image sourced via Pinterest. All other images sourced via respective Facebook pages and websites.

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