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20 Beauty tools and tricks every mama should know

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From aspirin for rashes to beer for shine, we give you 20 of the best beauty tricks there are that’ll keep you looking fine and fabulous while you get on with the busy job of raising babies in the Lion City.

1. For a quick fix to split ends, put your hair into a high pony tail, twist it round like you are ringing out a towel, and snip away wherever you see a stray.

2. For a quick and easy smoky eye, line your inner eyes with kohl eyeliner and smudge downwards with a cotton bud.

3. Hate waiting for your nail polish to dry? Running your nails under the cold tap for 10 seconds will fix them in a flash.

4. Looking for a gentle glow? Mix moisturiser in with your foundation.

5. Suffering from the dreaded post wax rash? Crush an aspirin, mix with a little water and smooth over the rash. This will reduce redness and swelling in an instant.

6. Mascara lost its moisture? Don’t reach for the bin just yet, adding 2-3 drops of eye drops will have it back to its former glory in a second.

7. Smackers looking a bit sore? Give them a gentle rub with a toothbrush to get rid of any dry, flaky skin.

8. To avoid blisters, apply a small amount of talc to your feet before stepping into your shoes.

9. Off on your way to the waxing salon? An antihistamine and two panadol will help raise your pain tolerance and reduce redness.

10. For hair that’s full of shine, alternate your shampoos. Hair gets used to the ingredients in products so needs a shake up once in a while.

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11. For a pout Angelina Jolie would be proud of, line your lips with lipstick, then with a lipstick one shade darker, dab in the middle of your top and bottom lips. This will draw your eyes in, giving the illusion of thicker lips.

12. Mascara’s have use-by dates too. To keep track of how long you’ve had yours opened, mark the date you first used it with a black felt tip.

13. While it’s super tempting, tying hair up when it’s wet will cause more harm than good. With hair at its weakest when wet – that pony will equal broken locks so if you really want it out of your way, wrap it in a silk scarf until dry.

14. To make that manicure last a little longer, apply topcoat every two days.

15. For foundation that lasts all day, apply a thin layer of moisturiser first and leave 20 minutes to lock into your skin before applying foundation.

16. When applying blusher, allow two inches from the nose to where it should begin.

17. It might sound strange, but rinsing your hair with beer will add a traffic-stopping shine. Of course, you have to rinse with water afterwards!

18. Strange but true, Gaviscon isn’t just for upset stomachs; it can also be used as a facemask. It contains bismuth subsalicylate which is often found in facemasks and the mint extracts are perfect for calming and soothing skin.

19. One of the oldest tricks around, but still one of the best, a quick squeeze of lemon juice will lighten those locks in an instant.

20. Last but not least, bid bye-bye to sponges. Not only are they extremely unhygienic, locking in germs and bugs, but they often soak up more product than what ends up on your face, meaning you are wasting half your product before you’ve even begun. Can’t bare to use your fingers? Foundation brushes are a far better, precise and even solution.

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